Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Today In History

Ever since this pandemic began, I have been posting a blog every day. Sometimes two. One of my regular topics, is "Today In Theatre History, which focuses on a particular show that opened years ago, or sometimes someones birthday. However today's blog is not about a famous Broadway star, or a composer, or a play or musical on the Great White Way. Although it does have ties to Broadway. On May 27, 1963, Bob Dylan released The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. Unlike his first studio album, which only featured two original songs, Dylan composed eleven new compositions for the album.

One of those songs went on to become one of his biggest hits. Maybe you've heard of it. "Blowin' in the Wind"? Another one of the songs? "Girl From The North Country", which fifty-seven years later, ended up being the name of a brand new Broadway musical. I was fortunate enough to see the show about a week before it opened. I loved it. And as it turns out, so did the critic's. Here's hoping it, along with every other show, will return once we are able to open up once again. Stay safe everyone, and keep looking out for one another. Until next time theatre fans.

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