Friday, May 01, 2020

My Last Tony Awards

June 2, 1991. Care to guess what happened on that date? Well if you paid attention to the title of today's blog, then you probably said, "The 1991 Tony Award's right"? And you know what? You'd be correct. Now for anyone of you that have ever read my blogs, you can clearly tell how much I love the theatre.  I mean I write about it practically every day. Not too mention I have been selling tickets for each and every show under the sun for over twenty years. O.K. I'll admit it, 1991 was not the last time that I watched the Tony Awards. In fact except for a year or two, I have watched every Tony Award telecast since 1985.

Big River won the top prize that year by the way. Now the reason I titled my blog "My Last Tony Awards, was because 1991 would be the last time that I would be watching the show from my home in Illinois. The next time the show would air, I would be living in the very city that the awards show was taking place. Plus if things went well, I might actually get the chance to see some of those nominated shows. Oh and case you were wondering, the second musical that I ever saw on Broadway, was in fact one of that year's Best Musical nominees, Five Guy's Named Moe.

Now while I did't get the chance to see that year's winner Crazy For You until 1993, I did end up seeing it a half a dozen times over the next few years. By the way, the winner for Best Musical of the Year in 1991? The Will Rogers Follies, which won six Tony Awards that year, and enjoyed a near two and a half run at the Palace Theatre on Broadway. Oh and the show's opening night? Exactly twenty-nine years ago today. Isn't it great when everything all ties together? Stay safe everyone, and don't forget to look out for each other. Until next time theatre fans.

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