Monday, March 31, 2008

"Cry Baby" is fun, fun, fluffy fun!

I caught the new musical "Cry-Baby", last week at the Marquis Theatre. It's based on the John Waters film that starred Johnny Depp and Ricki Lake. That's the same John Waters who brought you the mega hit "Hairspray", which is still running on Broadway and continues to sell out nightly.

This show comes to us from the same producers of Hairspray hoping lightning will strike again! And I believe a storm is a brewing!! It certainly has the same high energy performances we saw in Hairspray. It's probably some of the best dancing currently on Broadway.

What a talented cast, led by a lot of newcomers and the always funny and delightful Harriet Harris (Tony Award winner as Mrs. Meers in Thoroughly Modern Millie) (Emmy nominated for Desperate Housewives) and Chester Gregory II (Hairspray, Tarzan) and was just cast as Donkey in the new Shrek muscial. I laughed along with the entire audience throughout this show. Run and catch it now while it's at a great insider deal price. Call an Applause Theatre Service Sales Expert now to book at 800-451-9930. You are sure to have a great time, I did!!

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