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Applause Theatre Service in New York -Busier Than Ever Helping Consumers Save Money on Broadway Tickets

My name is Rich Gladstone and I am a licensed theatre ticket broker with Applause Theatre Service. I have been doing business in New York City since 1977.Even after 31 years I still love the theatre ticket business.

I wrote a blog posting some months ago regarding our company Applause Theatre Service having "bragging rights" when it comes to having what we feel is the "best" personal service in the Broadway Show ticket service industry in New York City. I thought it was time to update the "bragging rights" we claimed a while back. Here goes fellow theater-goers.

The ticket broker rules regarding allowable resale "service charges" have passed away last June 2007. In that time those of us veteran "legit" ticket brokers have seen lots more small companies opening up shop on the Internet, in New York City and throughout the entire country, all selling Broadway Show tickets just like we have for many years. They may be setting up shop to sell tickets but how well they perform their service is another issue.

Although I lobbied for the deregulation of allowable "resale service fees" we could charge in Albany, New York a few years ago, the goal for my company Applause Theatre Service and a few other legit ticket brokers in New York was to help further legitimize my own company. Not to bring more competition on our own small company. After all, I didn't want my kids Adam and Matt to feel funny when their friends asked them if their dad was a "scalper". So we fought for our rights as a legitimate provider of what we really and truly believed all these 21 years in business, we were entitled to, a reasonable service charge for a reliable, legitimate and personal service. We won the battle and now ticket brokers in New York can charge the service charge they think is fair. In fact many of the ticket brokers have business all over the United States.

Here's the thing I keep thinking about. So now there are many more ticket companies that are selling New York and Broadway. Is there really much more competition for Applause and some of its longtime fellow "legit" ticket broker competitors since the deregulation of "ticket resale" service charge was passed over a year ago? Are these new competitors "real" competitors or just some guys that want to "scalp" tickets and continue to deceive the public? Interesting question right?

Well if you are playing in the game of business for over 31 years like I have been, you get to see a lot my friends. I study the older more professional competition that I have always played with. I also look at some newer, professional competitors in the business. Some are good and offer pretty good personal service, many are mediocre and although I like to think our firm Applause Theatre Service is still an industry leader, you would have to "give us a try" and find out just what a reliable, personal and friendly ticket agency can do for you when seeking out amazing Broadway tickets, at the best prices around.

The thing I keep coming back to is this when studying the various different ticket agencies. It appears that all these companies offer tickets, seats for all events all over the country, mostly at crazy and very high prices for Broadway Shows. Maybe there are some people out there who have lots of money and don't mind paying high prices but is it really necessary? And in my opinion, this is really just the same old "scalper" mentality isn't it. There are lots of consumers still paying an awful lot of money for shows that are "easy to get". Why pay $200-350.00 for a show that is several years old that mostly doesn't sell out anymore? And many of these ticket companies almost force you to "buy tickets on line", without offering the ability to talk with a real live person. This makes no sense to me. When I pay for service, I expect to get service. You know someone that can tell me everything I might need to know about exactly where my seats are in the theatre or if I am paying too high a premium for a show that might not be necessary to pay. What about using a service like Applause where we can suggest places to shop or places to dine in New York City. The bottom line is SERVICE, which we spell with all capital letters friends. The public will continue to have to seek out the great level of service I am speaking of. Anyone in need of assistance and service should call an "expert" in Broadway ticketing service, that's us Applause Theatre Service.

I'll give you some examples. Right now there are tens of thousands of consumers paying full box office retail prices for good solid Broadway Shows like The Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, A Chorus Line, The Country Girl, Wicked, Jersey Boys, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, The Lion King, Young Frankenstein, South Pacific, Billy Elliot, Grease, Gypsy, In The Heights, A Catered Affair, Boeing Boeing, Avenue Q, August:Osage Osage County, Cirque Dreams, Passing Strange, November, Monty Python's Spamalot, Xanadu, Spring Awakening, Mamma Mia, Rent, Legally Blonde, Equus, The 39 Steps, Chicago and Shrek The Musical.

Sure some of these shows are in great demand. Even Applause should be getting higher prices than we do but we are in the service business for the long run, not playing the "get rich quick" game just because there might be a new hit show in town like this year's big Tony Award Winning shows like South Pacific and In The Heights, voted Best Musical in the revival category and Best Musical respectively.

Applause's prices and service continue to amaze an industry where there are upwards of a thousand resellers now. The "bragging rights" I referred to are in tact. If you are interested in any of the shows I mentioned you should seriously give us a call today. We have a chat line if you like to get information this way. Some do and some prefer to call us toll free at 1-800-451-9930 or locally in New York at 212-307-7050, seven days a week all year long. We are even open on holidays, not so much to sell lots of tickets but really to "be there" for our customers who may be seeing a Broadway Show and might possibly have a question about where they should eat before the theatre or suggestions about sightseeing in New York. Our service is tops in the industry, give us a call and you'll see why. There is no pressure to make a purchase at Applause. We're just real people helping you get the "best seats for the best shows at the best prices".

I mentioned over 20 shows up above. There are probably more than 16 or so that we can save you lots of money on. Why not save a few bucks, it can pay for a nice meal at one of the restaurants we would be happy to suggest to you. Even though I know people that can afford to "pay retail", most people I know would like to save $40.00-50.00 on a ticket purchase. If you agree, we are here in New York City waiting for your call.

Remember our phone numbers are toll free 1-800-451-9930 with the local line of 212-307-7050. Our Applause web site is always up to date. We like to think our webmaster is the best in the business as well. His name is Eric Acevedo and can be reached at Visual Media On Line. If you need a new webmster, he's the man friends.

The title of my blog post is truer now than ever, we are becoming busier than ever. The Applause web site brings us lots and lots of consumers all in need of a "trustworthy" Broadway ticket source. That's our company Applause. We hope we can help you, your friends, family and co-workers whenever your plans include a Broadway Show in New York.

Please remember my name is Rich Gladstone and the company is Applause Theatre Service in New York. Call and ask for me personally or for one of our resident theatre experts like J.Bruce, Erik Swanson, Todd Freemen, Teresa Stanski, Carol Burg, Claudia Bombeck (she runs our London Show department as well), Bill Stolting or Billy Fitzgerald. We are here to help you get the very best seats, shows, prices and the great personal service that you desire. Enjoy a Broadway Show. I read somewhere that "there's a little bit of Broadway in everyone". Sounds good to me.

Rich Gladstone
Vice President/Owner
Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service Inc.
311 west 43rd street, suite 601
New York, New York 10036

toll free 1-800-451-9930
local 212-307-7050
Applause Web site

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