Monday, July 07, 2008

(title of show) on Broadway-Get tickets now for a fun time at the Lyceum Theatre in New York City

I just returned from seeing a very cute and extremely funny new Broadway show. It is uniquely called (title of show). The title looks a little strange but let me tell you it is a wonderfully funny and entertaining hour and 1/2 at the Lyceum Theatre in New York City.

The following is the official blurb, or short summary, of [title of show].

Blurb. That's a funny word. We spent a lot of time on this blurb so please read the whole blurb. [title of show] is a musical about two nobodies named Hunter and Jeff who decide to write a completely original musical starring themselves and their attractive and talented lady friends, Susan and Heidi. Their musical, [title of show], gets into the New York Musical Theatre Festival, and becomes a hit. Then it gets an off-Broadway production at the Vineyard Theatre, and wins three Obie Awards! Then (drumroll if you've got a drum) it's announced that their musical is going to Broadway (hooray!) and people start seeing this blurb everywhere! They read that The New York Times called [title of show] "DELECTABLE ENTERTAINMENT! A postmodern homage to the grand tradition of backstage musicals like Babes in Arms, Kiss Me, Kate and A Chorus Line." Fully intrigued, those people snatch up tickets and help make Hunter and Jeff's life-long dream come true!

I have been in the theatre ticket sales business for 31 years now and have seen many shows. Many were great, many were very bad and once in a long while you get to see something very unique like (title of show). I have had the pleasure and opportunity of working with actors, actresses, singers and playwrights as it seems to be a business that attracts talented people in the arts. They often come join the ticket selling end of the industry just to make some money while they are "waiting to hit it big time on Broadway".

So this show turns out to be a very cute and extremely funny production about two young guys that are simply trying to take their New York Musical Theatre Festival "successful Off Broadway show" and fit it to play "ON BROADWAY" and play well to the masses. You know, they try to tone down the language so young people will come see it if and when it comes to Broadway, cut out the foul language, other things of this nature. It is like they're discovering all their original and unique characteristics that are in the Off Broadway production have to be re-evaluated to fit the "mainstream" Broadway theatre-goer. I won't tell you the ending, get yourself some tickets to see this very good Broadway production. Sure it feels like its Off Broadway but its supposed to. No one expected Avenue Q to be a hit a few years ago on Broadway but it did become one. In my mind, anything can happen on Broadway so why not have (title of show) become a hit? In The Heights might seems to want to play to a somewhat lesser than "mass" type of theatre audience but it won the Tony Award for the 2008 BEST MUSICAL. You should get tickets for this winner of a show also.

Everyone knows I like most shows I get to see and I try to give a positive view of what I see on the stage but believe me, I will tell you when a show is just plain "bad". This new show (title of show) is a real winner, You might even want to see it then pick another maybe more mainstream show playing on Broadway, just so you can see the vast abundance of talent creating theatrical experinces for all of us theatre lovers.

I work with a guy by the name of J.William Bruce, our most experienced theatre blogger, top ticket seller and all around theatre expert and he has been involved in writing his own musicals for years now. While I was sitting in the audience tonight with my wife Celeste, I kept thinking how much J. wants his very own creation called Avarice to be produced on Broadway. I recently saw a "reading" of Avarice this past April 2008 which starred former RENT Tony Award Winner Wilson Jermaine Heredia, a close associate of J's. It was also wonderfully entertaining and J. keeps working on it to make it even better, bigger and brighter than it already is. Kind of like tonight's terrific piece of theatre (title of show). I'm sure J. has the ability to get his show produced someday. But just like the guys that wrote (title of show), he may have to keep working the theatre scene to get some producer's attention until it gets produced. It's hard work that's for sure friends.

It has taken me weeks to get used to the title. I mean it looks odd to see a poster on Broadway and in brochures and hotel magazines that says (title of show) right? Get yourself some tickets, take some friends, maybe think about my blog tonight. If it weren't for guys like my friend J. or the 2 very funny gentlemen Hunter and Jeff that wrote (title of show), we wouldn't have the privilige of finding ourselves greatly entertained at the theatre tonight.

The cast members are:
Hunter Bell, Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Jeff Bowen, Larry Pressgrove, Courtney Balan, Benjamin Howes. They are all wonderfully talented actors and have a bright future in the theatre. I wish them well.

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Applause Theatre Service has been providing its friendly and professional service for over 21 years now. Give them a call if you need help getting tickets to Broadway Shows or just want to talk about theatre. They love to talk about shows.

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