Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OMG You Guys! Bailey Hanks Wins MTV Legally Blonde Search; Started as Elle Woods on July 23

Bailey Hanks, a 20 year old from Anderson, South Carolina, was named the winner of MTV's Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods in the shows finale on July 21. Hanks made her Broadway debut in the lead role of Legally Blonde on Wednesday, July 23. Runner-up Autumn Hurlbert also joined the Broadway company of the show on that day, playing sorority girl Leilani and also covering the role of Elle Woods.
This show could not have asked for a bigger gift than this MTV reality show! It was really struggling at the box office for months until this show came along and it is now once again one of the top Broadway shows selling out nightly. How long it will sustain this type of box office boom remains to be seen. But for now it's enjoying a renaissance of sorts and plans on sticking around awhile with it's legion of fans from both the Reese Witherspoon movie and Broadway show.
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