Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blogging In 2008

Here is is Saturday morning and I find myself sitting at the computer trying to find something to blog about. As most of you know in recent years blogging has become one of the most successful if not the most successful ways to get info out to the masses about either you or your product. When my boss Richard Gladstone AKA The Ticket Man introduced it to me last fall I wasn’t sure what to expect. Why would someone be interested in what I have to say? I just write about theatre. There are hundres of people that do that on a daily basis. Blogs were created so people could share their views about life, themselves, and anything else that pops into their head on a daily basis. You may not have to agree with everything they say or even care for that matter,but let's face the facts. Without blogs you might have never heard of your new favorite show or the lastest craze. Blogs work. Who would have thought? I know I didn't.

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