Thursday, September 02, 2010

Film Star Brendan Fraser To Make Broadway Debut This Fall

Afternoon theatre fans. After much speculation it was officially announced today that film star Brendan Fraser will make his Broadway debut this November. Elling, a new play based on the popular Norweigan novels by Axel Hellstenius and Petter will begin previews at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre on November 2, 2010 with opening night set for November 21, 2010.

The show which is being directed by fellow Tony winner Doug Hughes is set to run thru March 20, 2011. Joining Mr. Fraser are Tony Award winners Denis O'Hare, Richard Easton and film and television star Jennifer Coolidge. Here is a brief synopsis of the show from today's press release.

"Set in the current day, ELLING is a comedy about a wildly mismatched pair of roommates trying to embrace life, love, friendship, pizza, poetry and women. Denis O'Hare plays obsessive/compulsive Elling. Brendan Fraser, plays the wildly enthusiastic gentle giant Kjell. Jennifer Coolidge plays Reidun, the object of Kjell's considerable affection, and Richard Easton plays Alfons, Elling's unlikely poet mentor."

Now while Mr. Fraser may not be the box office draw he used to be I personally am looking forward to seeing him on stage. He has always been a very underrated actor as far as I am concerned. I just think he has made some bad choices over the years. My guess is it isn't him. It is simply his managers pushing him into some questionable projects. I for one hope this will give him the opportunity to prove to all those naysayers that he is indeed a very talented actor. Break a leg Mr. Fraser.

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