Monday, September 06, 2010

My Thoughts On The Ticket Industry

Having worked at at Applause Theatre Service for over six years now I can tell you that I have seen and heard it all. In fact just the other day I received a call from a woman who wanted to know if we could get her good seats to see Wicked on Broadway during the Thanksgiving holiday. I told her that although that is one of the busiest times of the year it should be no problem as she was looking far enough in advance. Plus we always make a point to keep a lot of inventory for that time of the year as we know that there will be a lot more people in the city.

Now what she said next threw me for a loop. As I said before I have been doing this for a long time. Therefore you would think that there was nothing that she could possibly ask me that I hadn't hear before right? Wrong. She wanted to know if I could get her five seats in Zone A for the Friday matinee the day after Thanksgiving. Having never heard of zone seating before I immediately thought that perhaps I was the one that was confused. Maybe she was looking for Wicked at another theatre besides the one on Broadway.

Maybe other theatres have a different name for Orchestra and Front Mezzanine seating. Who was I to question her? Well as it turns out prior to calling me she had called another company who offered her seats in Zones A, B, and C. Not only that but it was for the New York production after all. Now it doesn't take a genius to figure out that since A is at the top of the alphabet that means that A was Orchestra and Front Mezzainine and that B and C were probably Mid and Rear Mezzanine. Makes sense right?

So after figuring that out I found some very nice seats for her in the Front Mezzanine at a price that was lower then she was seeing elsewhere. So anyway after wrapping up the sale I decided to do a little research on this so called "Zone Seating" that she was talking about. It seems that "Zone Seating" is a phrase made up by a lot of brokers that allows them to offer a customer seats for shows that they hope to be able to fill at a later date.

That means you will probably get seats but you won't know the exact locations at the time of purchase. Basically that means you could be paying a lot of money to sit behind a pole. Now having been in every theatre there really isn't a bad seat no matter where you sit. Oh sure some theatres do have partial view seats but at least they tell you that before you purchase them. Trust me. I would never give someone my hard earned money without at least knowing where I am sitting. So? Why should you. Until next time theatre fans.

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