Friday, April 04, 2014

A Raisin In The Sun Reviews

Well the reviews for A Raisin In The Sun are in and guess what? They're pretty good. I mean are we really surprised? I know I'm not. After all Denzel Washington is my favorite actor of all time. Yes I know I may be a little partial. Plus I was hoping the critic's wouldn't give him a hard time because he is playing a forty year old man when we all know he is closing in on sixty. You know what I say? Who cares. A great actor is a great actor. Plus it helps that he is surrounded by a great cast and has a very talented director at the helm. Not too mention the show is a classic. Now on to the reviews.

Associated Press

Entertainment Weekly

Hollywood Reporter

NBC New York


New York Daily News

New York Post

New York Magazine

New York Times

USA Today

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