Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Customer Story

Today's customer story comes all the way from Saratoga. No I am not talking about the one in New York but the one in Georgia. It's funny but I didn't even know there was another city called Saratoga out there. I guess it's true what they say huh? You learn something new every day. So anyway this past Saturday I received a call from a very nice gentleman who came to us via his travel agent who highly recommended us. Got to love customers like that right? So after finding out when he and his family would be here I asked him what he wanted to see. His choices were Rocky, All The Way, The Book of Mormon and last but not least the New York Yankees. Quiet a selection don't you think?

Now because they were only here for a limited amount of time they decided to see the Yankees on the same day as The Book of Mormon. Let's just hope there are no rain delays that day right? Because they just wanted the experience of going to the game they didn't necessarily have to have the best seats. Finally after a little checking around I was able to find then some really nice seats behind the Yankees dugout. Once down. Three to go. For both All The Way and The Book of Mormon I suggested the Front Mezzanine as the view is much better from up there. Luckily they agreed with me and I was able to get them some very nice seats in the center for both shows and for a rate that was lower than they were expecting. Two more down. One to go.

Now I actually saw Rocky last month and really enjoyed it. Oh sure the critics weren't as kind as the could of been but the critics also gave mixed reviews to Wicked when it opened eleven years ago and look what happened to that one? I rest my case. Now for those of you that are not familiar with the seating for Rocky they sell the first eight rows of the Orchestra not at a Premium which is usually the case but at regular price. They call it the Golden Circle and basically the ushers come down during the last twenty-minutes of the show, take you out of your seat, and escort you on to the stage where you sit and watch the show from bleachers. Pretty exciting don't you think? So there you have it folks? Four great events with great seats and prices to boot. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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