Friday, April 18, 2014

Jersey Boys Movie Trailer

That's right theatre fans. One of Broadway's most popular shows is headed to the big screen. Jersey Boys which won the Tony Award for Best Musical is set to open nationwide on June 20. Now I'll be honest when the show first opened I was intrigued but never got around to seeing it. Too much hype as far as I was concerned. Cut to two years later I was offered a ticket so I decided to give in and check it out. Of course the fact that the ticket was free certainly helped. Well imagine my surprise when I ended up loving it. In fact I would probably put the show in my "Top 15" Broadway shows of all time. I guess you could say I liked it.

Now for those of you who still haven't seen it you are in luck. We sell the show. Not only that but if you call right now we can get you tickets to see Jersey Boys at rates that can't be beat. Be advised that while this "Insider Price" is good thru June 1 it is not good for Saturday nights and is always subject to availability. Get your tickets to see Jersey Boys on Broadway at the August Wilson Theatre. You will love it. Wait a minute. I almost forgot the sole reason for this blog which was to show you the trailer for the movie. Good thing I remembered. So here you go. Enjoy! Until next time theatre fans.


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