Friday, November 14, 2008

Billy Elliot is a Smash Hit with the Critics and Applause Theatre Service has your tickets now!

The critics have spoken and "Billy Elliot" is the new hit of the season -- we wanted to share some of our review quotes and Opening Night coverage with you:
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"Billy Elliot" - Features:
[ CT ] Could Billy be the next to defy gravity?
The producers of "Billy Elliot" are currently in negotiation to bring the musical to Chicago. Here's why the show could be the next "Wicked."
[ NYT ] Audio Slide Show: Billy on Broadway
Stephen Daldry talks about directing the musical "Billy Elliot."
[ NPR ] 'Billy Elliot' Makes The Leap To Broadway by Jeff Lunden
[ AP ] Elton John celebrates 'Billy Elliot' on Broadway By ERIN CARLSON
[ FOX ] FOX411 By Roger Friedman Elton John Taps Out Broadway Smash
[ LAT ] Gold Derby by Tom O'Neil'Billy Elliot' - Early front-runner at next year's Tonys
"Billy Elliot" - Reviews:
[ NYT ] In Hard Times, Born to Pirouette By BEN BRANTLEY
Much of the power of "Billy Elliot" as an honest tear-jerker lies in its ability to give equal weight to the sweet dreams of terpsichorean flight and the sourness of a dream-denying reality.
[ ND ] Review: 'Billy Elliot' BY LINDA WINER
Broadway's long, dark, dry spell of big, smart, smash musicals is officially over. "Billy Elliot," the 2005 London adaptation of the 2000 movie, finally arrived in a production as seriously thrilling as it is deeply lovable.
[ BN ] 'Billy Elliot,' Coal Miner's Son, Leaps to Heights: John Simon
"Billy Elliot" -- London's long-running hit with Elton John's music, finally replicated on Broadway -- really does have something for everyone, and that something is, gloriously, art.
[ BS ] Billy Elliot: The Musical - Reviewed by DAVID SHEWARD
What could easily have become a feel-good treacle fest - particularly with Elton John composing the music - turns out to be one of the smartest and most satisfying Broadway musicals in years.
[ TIME ] Billy Elliot: London's Hit Musical Scores on Broadway By Richard Zoglin
Billy Elliot does almost everything a musical should do, and more. It's a diplomatic triumph.
[ DN ] Fabulous film may be even better in musical stage production by Joe Dziemianowicz
[ AMNY ] Review of Billy Elliot: The Musical by Matt Windman (4 out of 4 Stars)
[ CT ] An unbridled 'Billy Elliot' springs itself on Broadway by Chris Jones (*** 1/2)
[ USA ] 'Billy Elliot' musical taps into the hope and energy of youth By Elysa Gardner (*** out of four)
[ EW ] Review: Billy Elliot By Thom Geier (B+)
[ TM ] Billy Elliot: The Musical Reviewed by: David Finkle
The Elton John-Lee Hall musical adaptation of the hit film about an English boy who decides to become a ballet dancer is gangbuster entertainment.
[ V ] Billy Elliot: The Musical Review By DAVID ROONEY
Who would have guessed that a musical in which conservative economic policies deal a death blow to the working class could be such an uplifting experience?
[ YN ] A warmhearted 'Billy Elliot' dances to Broadway By MICHAEL KUCHWARA, AP Drama Critic
It's not often that a musical comes along that is as ambitious as it is emotional - and then succeeds on both counts.
[ BR ] Billy Elliot' is great fun, choreographed not to end BY ROBERT FELDBERG
It pumps fresh life into the crowd-pleasing, old-fashioned, traditional musical.
[ JN ] 'Billy Elliot' is the Broadway season's first big musical hit By Jacques le Sourd
"Billy Elliot," the heavenly musical that opened last night at Broadway's Imperial Theatre, arrives with exquisite timing.
[ HC ] Smashing 'Billy Elliot' Shows The Theatrical Powers Of Stephen Daldry By MALCOLM JOHNSON
[ INQ ] 'Rocky' in toe shoes By Howard Shapiro
Broadway's 'Billy Elliot' has all the right moves.
[ LAT ] Broadway staging overwhelms 'Billy Elliot: The Musical' By CHARLES McNULTY
A smash in London ever since its West End premiere in 2005, "Billy Elliot" arrives at the Imperial Theatre with its parts intact but its spirit plasticized and pasted with glitter.
[ TB ] Billy Elliot: The MusicalReview by Matthew Murray
A hit in London, where it opened three years ago and continues to run, this show is comparatively lean pickings for Americans raised on dynamism-defining dance titles like On the Town, West Side Story, and A Chorus Line. Unlike those shows, but like its title character, Billy Elliot struggles mightily to unearth its musical soul.
I love this show as has all of our staff of sales experts. This is our new Wicked, Mamma Mia and Phantom of the Opera. This is a show that will be running for many years to come and will sell out nightly. So what are you waiting for, now's your chance, call an Applause Theatre Service sales expert now to get your tickets at a great price. We can't be beat!

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