Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The Book Of Mormon On Broadway

The Book of MormonStill haven't seen one of Broadway's most popular show's? Well what are you waiting for people? There is no better time to than right now. The Book of Mormon, which won nine 2011 Tony Awards, including Best Musical of the Year, is one of the funniest shows you will ever see. Now when the show was first announced I wasn't sure how the show would do. Yes I know that South Park has a very large following. I also know that Avenue Q won the Tony Award for Best Musical of the Year.

Not too mention that Avenue Q is one of my favorite shows of all time. Oh I guess I forgot to mention that the writer's behind both of those shows also wrote The Book of Mormon. But you probably knew that now didn't you? Now as I mentioned I loved Avenue Q. In fact I saw it over a half a dozen times. Therefore I was sure I was going to love The Book of Mormon. Unfortunately tickets were not available when it first opened. In fact it wasn't until almost three years later until I finally saw it.

Was it worth the wait? You better believe it. Not only that but I saw it again just a few months ago, and it was just as great. How many long running shows can you say about that? Not too many my friends. Now the reason for today's blog was to tell you how you can get tickets to see this amazing show. Now I guess you could wait until you get here and hope that tickets are available. Or you could give us a call, and we can get the tickets for you. It's that easy. Get your tickets to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on Broadway. It is fantastic. Until next time theatre fans.

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