Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tickets To The American Ballet Theatre

Related imageLet me guess. I bet you thought we only sold tickets to the hottest shows in New York in London didn't you? Well we don't. We sell other things like sporting events, opera, and ballet tickets as well. Which brings me today's blog. Ballet tickets and how you get them. Well first off I should probably tell you what and where it's playing right? The venue?

None other than the world famous Metropolitan Opera House. That's right. When the opera goes on hiatus for the Summer the American Ballet Theatre moves in for the hottest months of the year. So now that you know where it's I guess I should tell you what is playing. So let's get to it shall we? Here is the complete list for the entire 2017 American Ballet Theatre season.

Don Quixote

May 15 7:30pm
May 16 7:30pm *
May 17 2pm and 7:30pm
May 18 7:30pm
May 19 7:30pm
May 20 11:30am, 2pm, 8pm *

Whipped Cream
May 22 6:30pm
May 23 7:30pm
May 24 2pm*, 7:30pm

May 25 7:30pm
May 26 7:30pm*
May 27 2pm, 8pm
May 29 7:30pm
May 30 7:30pm
May 31 2pm*, 7:30pm

The Golden Cockerel
June 1 7:30pm
June 2 7:30pm *
June 3 2pm, 8pm*

Le Corsaire
June 5 7:30pm
June 6 7:30pm
June 7 2pm, 7:30pm*
June 8 7:30pm
June 9 7:30pm
June 10 2pm*, 8pm

Swan Lake
June 12 7:30pm
June 13 7:30pm*
June 15 7:30pm
June 16 7:30pm
June 17 2pm, 8pm*

June 19 7:30pm
June 20 7:30pm
June 21 2pm, 7:30pm
June 22 7:30pm
June 23 7:30pm
June 24 2pm, 8pm

Whipped Cream
June 26 7:30pm*
June 27 7:30pm
June 28 2pm, 7:30pm*
June 29 7:30pm
June 30 7:30pm
July 1 2pm*, 8pm

Tchaikovsky Spectacular
July 3 7:30pm
July 5 2pm, 7:30pm
July 6 7:30pm
July 7 7:30pm
July 8 2pm 2pm, 8pm

* Featuring Misty Copeland

Quite the lineup right? And Misty Copeland to boot. Does it get any better than that? Now as I mentioned we sell tickets for the ballet. That includes the cheapest, to the most expensive. Get your tickets to see the American Ballet Theatre at the Metropolitan Opera House. Until next time dance fans.

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