Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Broadway Halloween Schedule

That's right theatre fans. Halloween is just around the corner. Now the truth is, I loved Halloween as a kid. As an adult? Well, let''s just say the magic has worn off. But enough about me. You came here to see what shows are playing during the holiday week. Now for those of you want to spend your Halloween at the theatre, you are in luck. There are nineteen shows playing that night including recent Tony Award winners Ain't Too Proud and Hadestown. Happy Halloween everyone!

Show TitleMon. October 28Tue. October 29Wed. October 30Thu. October 31Fri. November 1Sat. November 2Sun. November 3
Ain't Too ProudDARK7pm2pm, 7:30pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Aladdin7pmDARK2pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm, 6:30pm
Beetlejuice7pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
BetrayalDARK7pm2pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Book of MormonDARK7pm7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 7pm
Chicago8pm8pm8pm8pm8pm2:30pm, 8pm2:30pm, 7pm
Come From Away7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
David Byrne's American UtopiaDARKDARK8pm8pm8pm5:30pm, 9pm3pm
Dear Evan HansenDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Derren Brown: SecretDARK7pm7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Freestyle Love Supreme7pm, 10pmDARK7pm7pm8pm7pm, 10pm7pm, 10pm
FrozenDARK7pm1pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm1pm, 6:30pm
The Great Society7pm7pm1pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm1pm
HadestownDARK7pm2pm, 7:30pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
HamiltonDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Harry Potter...DARKDARK2pm, 7:30pm7:30pm7:30pm2pm, 7:30pm2pm, 7:30pm
The Height of the StormDARK7pm2pm, 8pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Inheritance7:30pm7:30pm1pm, 7:30pm7:30pm7:30pm1pm, 7pm1pm, 7pm
The Lightning Thief7pm7pm7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm1pm, 6:30pm
Linda VistaDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Lion KingDARK7pm7pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm1pm, 6:30pm
Mean Girls7pm7pm7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 7:30pm
Moulin Rouge!DARK7pm7pm2pm, 8pm8pm2pm, 8pm7pm
Oklahoma!7pm7pm1pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Phantom of the Opera8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm8pm2pm, 8pmDARK
The Rose TattooDARK7pm2pm, 8pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Slave Play7pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Sound InsideDARK7pm2pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
TinaDARKDARKDARKDARK8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
To Kill a Mockingbird7pm7pm1pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm
Tootsie7:30pm7:30pm2pm, 7:30pmDARK8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Waitress7pm7pm7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 7pm
Wicked7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 7pm

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