Monday, September 09, 2019

Hamilton Tickets On Broadway-At Long Last, Prices Are Finally Coming Down Now

Dear Broadway Theatre Friends

If you still haven’t seen one of the most popular shows ever to play on Broadway, HAMILTON, or if you simply want to see the show again, now’s your chance to do so.  And for allot less money than since it begin playing to sold out audiences at New York’s Richard Rodgers Theater on West 46th Street in 2015.  In 2016, Hamilton was nominated for a record-setting 16 Tony Awards and won 11 of them including the year’s most coveted Best Musical Award.

As a ticket broker for 42 years now, I’ve seen allot of shows that were popular sellers but no one show has commanded the extremely high prices that Hamilton has.  Supply and demand for sure.  Though prices are still high for the premium and mid premium seats that are located up front by the stage, many other seats that offer nice viewing locations are now available, and at very reasonable prices.  And the theater is not very large for Broadway.

Hamilton is an American musical that tells the incredibly fascinating story of Alexander Hamilton, one of our country’s Founding Father’s as well as Treasury Secretary, and his rise from poverty to become one of the nation’s most powerful leaders.  The story is told against the backdrop of America’s War for Independence.

Hamilton is written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also wrote In The Heights on Broadway several years prior to Hamilton’s debut.  In The Heights won Best Musical honors in 2008.

Hamilton plays to hip-hop music and the cast and creative team has done a beautiful job with the entire production.  With audiences world wide cheering and wanting more at the end of each show.

I hope you’ll consider a call to Applause-Tickets located in the heart of NY City should you be interested in purchasing tickets for Hamilton or one of NY City’s other exciting Broadway Shows.  Whether you need reasonably priced tickets for Hamilton or one of the many  discounted shows playing on Broadway right now, our team of local Broadway ticket experts can help you get the most for your money.

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