Friday, July 01, 2016

Customer Story

That's right. It's time for my customer story of the week. Believe it or not but it was my very first sale of the day. In fact the customer arrived at our office shortly after we opened. What's that you say? You mean you didn't know that Applause has a physical office that you can go to that will allow you to purchase tickets?

Well we do. In fact our office is right in the heart of Times Square in the theatre district. Who knew? Anyway, back to my story.  As I arrived at the office this morning I was greeted by not just one customer, but five. I know what you're thinking. My office must of been going crazy with customers looking to purchase Broadway tickets right? Actually it was just one family from Brazil, who heard about us from the New York Pass. Now for those of you that are not familiar with the New York Pass, it is actually a great deal. In fact besides getting a discount on theatre tickets, you actually get a great deal on museums, shops, tours, as well as some fabulous places to eat.

Now that sounds like my kind of deal. After welcoming them to our office I asked them what they would like to see and when. Their first choice was Aladdin. Now while they did have tickets available, they were a little out of their price range. Therefore I suggested Matilda, as not only is it a great show, but the cost of the tickets would be much less than Aladdin, as well as several other shows. In the end I was able to get them excellent seats in the Mezzanine, and at a price that was even lower than they were expecting. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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