Sunday, February 02, 2020

Off-Broadway Theatre

StompBlue Man GroupRock of AgesLet's be honest. When most people think of theatre in New York, their first thought is usually Broadway. Makes sense right? After all, it has been around since the early 1900's, with the original theatre scene beginning in New York as far back as 1750. The oldest theatre is the New Amsterdam, followed by the Lyceum and the Hudson. All three were completed in 1903.

That's a hundred and seventeen years for you mathematician's out there. Now of course, Off-Broadway has not been around that long. It actually started back in the 1950's as a response to the growing commercialism in the theatre, as well as the need to build more less expensive venues, that in turn would employ more artists. Sounds like a win win to me.

Now as much as I love Broadway, I'll admit that some of the most innovative and groundbreaking shows that I have ever seen got their start Off-Broadway. Maybe you've heard of some of them? A Chorus Line. Avenue Q, In The Heights. Spring Awakening. Fun Home. Dear Evan Hansen. Hamilton. And my personal favorite. Rent. Any of those ring a bell?

Now besides all of them getting their start Off-Broadway, they also have another thing in common. Give up? They all won the Tony Award for Best Musical of the Year. Then of course there are shows like Rock of Ages, Jersey Boys, and The Play That Goes Wrong, all of which had long runs on Broadway,then reopen later on at a smaller theatre Off-Broadway.

Rock of Ages by the way got it's start at New World Stages, where it recently returned last year.Other long running Off-Broadway shows that you might want to check out are Blue Man Group, Stomp, and Sleep No More.That's what's so great about Off-Broadway. There truly is something for everyone. Oh and did I mention that we sell tickets to each and every one of those shows that I mentioned? Well we do. Until next time Off-Broadway fans.

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