Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Applause Has Amazing Insider's Discounts for Top Broadway Shows

All you have to do is ask. From now through the middle of March 2008, if you go to
www.applause-tickets.com , then simply click on the SPECIALS SECTION, you will see that Applause Theatre Service offers special pricing, not to mention "amazing" seats for many of the shows playing in New York City. Some of the shows change every week or two so the earlier you book your tickets, the more likely you'll be able to secure tickets for the shows that you really want to see. There is a restriction or two here and there but most of the time it only restricts the discounts for Saturday evenings.

Applause has always been known for its personal service. Now by offering special pricing, they have all the bases covered. Why not keep your money in your own pocket and ask Applause for the "insider's pricing" the next time your plans include a Broadway show.

Applause is open 7 days a week and can be reached at 212-307-7050 or 1-800-451-9930. You may want to mention that Rich G. sent you. Enjoy your Broadway show.

Rich Gladstone

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