Monday, December 31, 2007

Buying London Theatre Tickets from Applause

by William T. Stolting

Applause has been doing tickets for London for over 10 years now. Our original strategy was to do tickets for all of Europe but the response rate for Italy and France did not live up to our guaranteed answer in 24 hours maximum. London has always been quick to respond and has provided us with premium seats even for the Hottest, hardest to get show. Aside from the quality of the tickets and the price (in spite of the weak US dollar), Applause has the benefit of our UK broker and of Claudia Bombeck who was educated in the UK. It makes our customers comfortable to know that they are dealing with experts. Most Americans are always a bit uncomfortable dealing with a foreign country. It is only natural as Europeans deal with other countries on almost a daily basis because the countries of Europe are so close to each other.

Dealing with our professional staff makes you comfortable and we send the tickets directly to you so there is no chance of a problem when you arrive in London or anywhere in the UK where we sell tickets. There are enough things to preoccupy you without worrying about your theatre tickets.


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