Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Chorus Line On Broadway- Call Applause For Discount Tickets

This revival of one of the greatest shows ever to play in New York City is truly a fantastic story. It takes place in an empty theatre, on a bare stage where the casting for a brand new Broadway show is nearly complete. For these young men and women of the chorus line this is truly the audition of their lifetime. Their one shot to make it big starring in a Broadway musical. They have spent many years training for this opportunity. Their dream wasn't to star in the show but simply to get the job they've always dreamed of, to be a dancer in a hit Broadway show.

Just prior to the director choosing to make his final cut, he asks every one of the 17 dancers to talk about themselves and why they wanted to be a dancer. Each one steps forward and talks about their families, friends, lovers and career desires. The dancers "lay it all on the line" in this often funny yet at times very sad display of humility. When they finish talking, the audition is over and the remaining 8 dancers are selected to be the chorus line.

Applause Theatre Service in New York City has excellent tickets, often at discount prices. Just visit or call 212-307-7050 or 1-800-451-9930.

I saw the show about 30 years ago and again last winter and enjoyed it very much. If you want to see a show that is so clearly tied to what the everyday men and women of many Broadway musicals do every day of their performing lives, get yourself a ticket to A Chorus Line today.

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