Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ticket Broker's Son Thinks Dad's Service Is A Hit in New York

I managed to get my college son Adam into the fantastic New York Giants vs. New England Patriots football game on Saturday December 29,2007 at 815pm. Although tickets for the now undefeated Patriots were hard to come by, I managed to survey the ticket inventory my company has access to all over the country, and came up with 2 reasonably priced seats for Adam and his college friend. They both saw an awesome 38-35 very close "nail biter" of a game and both called me up before, during and after the event to thank me for providing good seats to a very special game.

In life, often our toughest critics are our own children. When my son asked me last week if it was possible to get 2 seats for this special football game, I told him our company could get him and his friend in now easier than ever before, and at a reasonable price. As I started thinking about what I had told Adam, I realized that this is exactly how Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service has been in the ticket business for over 20 years now. By simply treating people fairly and giving great personal service.

I told Adam, "when you treat people fairly in the ticket business, get people good seats at reasonable prices, they value you as a supplier, and our customers send us their friends, relatives and co-workers". I'm pretty sure my son will be telling lots of other kids at school at how his dad got him into the Giants vs. Patriots game this weekend. Hopefully the kids will tell their parents and they will tell their friends and so on.

Anyway, our company has been in the theatre ticket business for a long time now. These days, our resources allow us to have millions of tickets at our fingertips for events all over the country. So if you need tickets to events outside of New York, you might want to go check out , for tickets in London you might want to check out or if you are on a limited budget and need tickets to Broadway, you can check out .

I'm glad my son and his friend had a great time tonight. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to help someone else's friend or relative see a major event or attraction they want to, and at a fair price as well.

We hope those of you reading our ongoing Ticket News Blogs will forward our interesting ticket news along to those people in your life who might be able to use a service like Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service . Checkout when you have a chance and ask for Rich G., also known as The Ticket Man. Oh, feel free to ask for Adam's dad as well.

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