Saturday, January 08, 2011

Broadway's Most "Popular" Show Is Still Wicked

Now in it's sixth sold out year on Broadway is Wicked. The show which is Broadway's highest selling show opened on Broadway in October 2003 and continues to break box office records year after year. In fact during the last week in December it beat the year before with a weekly total of $2,228,235. Not too bad for a show that didn't get very good reviews when it first opened. Take that critics.

Now while The Phantom of the Opera remains Broadway's longest running show I could one day see Wicked surpassing it. That is if Phantom ever closes. Don't count on it anytime soon my friends. Phantom like the Pedestrian Area in Times Square is here to stay. That is until Mayor Bloomberg leaves office. Now most people forget that the show lost the Tony Award for Best Musical to Avenue Q.

Actually I take that back. Wicked fans around the world will never forget the night that they witnessed the "Biggest Upset In Tony History". I for one loved Avenue Q and am happy to say that it is still running. Even if it is now at an Off-Broadway Theatre. Now while I was happy that the underdog won I am equally happy with the success that Wicked has had. If it it wasn't for Wicked and shows like The Lion King and Jersey Boys I wouldn't have a job. Now you don't want that to happen do you? Until next time theatre fans.

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