Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seven Years And Counting Wicked Remains Broadway's Hottest Selling Show

Now in it's 7th year on Broadway is Wicked. Most people forget that the show did not receive very good reviews when it first opened. Yet the show remains Broadway's most popular show year in and year out. Take that critics.Not only that but it continues to break box office records at theatres all around the world.Having seen the show in previews I knew it would be a big seller but I never expected it to be the mega hit that it has become since then.

Since I began working for Applause seven years ago I can honestly say that not only is Wicked our most requested show but is the one show that everyone in my office agrees is one of the best they have ever seen. Trust me when I say that does not happen too often with this group. Now having said all of that you might be thinking that getting tickets to see Wicked might be difficult.

Not at all. Want to see Wicked on a Saturday night? Give us a call. How about next week? No problem. We have tickets to all performances. Now what if you want to see Wicked but you don't want to come to New York? Good news. Not only do we sell Wicked on Broadway but we sell it for London and every city in between. Now how can you beat that? Until next time theatre fans.

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