Friday, January 07, 2011

Broadway's Rock Of Ages To Close This Sunday/Reopen In March

Don't worry Rock of Ages fans. Your favorite show won't be gone for long. Just a couple of months. The show which has been entertaining folks of all ages since March 2009 will play it's final performance this Sunday. While it's first performance has not been officially announced it is set to reopen at the end of March at the much smaller Helen Hayes Theatre. How small you ask? A difference of 410 seats to be exact. Here is a statement from lead producer Matthew Weaver regarding the move. "On a macro level, we think this move allows us to run on Broadway for another two years, if not longer, and should allow us to stay open in time for the Rock of Ages movie to open in 2012. It will be a big help to the movie if the musical is still running on Broadway, and vice versa." Sounds like a good idea to me. I for one loved the show and hope it runs for a very long time. Keep buying tickets to see it and it will. Until next time theatre fans.

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