Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Customer Story

Well wouldn't you know it but the same day that I post a blog about Lucky Guy I get a customer calling to order tickets for the show. Which brings me to today's customer story. As I said I received a call from a regular customer of ours who wanted to purchase two tickets to see the show. Now while the show does have a sizable advance there are tickets available for most performances. Now to be honest if you don't want to pay a Premium most of the seats in the Orchestra are probably going to be off to the side. Which in most theatres is not that bad. I myself like to be in the Mezzanine. As it turns out so did my customer. Since she was flexible with the date I was able to find two seats in the Center Mezzanine. Now while the seats were a little further back than she was hoping for they were still a very good view as the theatre is not very big. In fact there are only ten rows in the Mezzanine and only twenty-two in the Orchestra. See? I told you it wasn't very big. Plus the tickets ended up being less then she was expecting. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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