Thursday, February 07, 2013

Jersey Boys Celebrates Milestone

That's right theatre fans. One of Broadway's most popular shows is celebrating a milestone. Jersey Boys, which won the 2006 Tony Award for Best Musical of the Year will play it's 3000th performance tonight at the August Wilson Theatre. Now most Broadway musicals usually run two or three years if they are lucky. Jersey Boys which is currently the eighteenth longest running show in Broadway history is now in it's seventh year on the Great White Way.

See? I told you it was popular didn't I? Now for those of you who read my blogs know that I avoided seeing the show it's first two years on Broadway. Too much hype I guess. Boy was I wrong. What an amazing night in the theatre. Now will you enjoy the show more if you are fans of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons? I guess. But when it comes down to it good theatre is good theatre. No matter what the subject matter. At least that's what I think.

By the way for those of you who still haven't seen Jersey Boys yet there is no better time that the present. In fact if you call right now you can get tickets to see this award winning musical for prices that can't be beat. Be advised that while this "Insider Price" is good thru March 17 it is for select dates (February 12-15, March 5-10, March 12-17) and like always subject to availability. Get your tickets to see Jersey Boys on Broadway at the August Wilson Theatre. You will love it. I know I did.

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