Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Customer Story

Today's customer story comes all the way from the great state of Oregon. Bend to be exact. Last week I received a call from a travel agent who's client was planning a trip to London next month and wanted to see a couple of shows while they were there. I take that back. They wanted to see three shows. Their choices were Billy Elliot, Wicked and Blithe Spirit. Three good choices don't you think? Not only that but I have actually seen two out of three of them.

Care to guess which one I didn't see? Don't worry. I won't hold you in suspense. It was Blithe Spirit. So anyway after finding out what they wanted to see I asked the agent when they wanted to go. Because they were going to be there for a almost a week they decided to take a day or two between shows. That way they would have more time to explore London. I know that's what I would do if I ever got the chance to visit there.

Now since they were on a budget they wanted to get good seats but not spend an arm and a leg. Makes sense to me. After all theatre tickets aren't cheap. Anyway after a little research I was able to find them some very nice but affordable seats for all three shows. Oh sure they were in the Balcony but still a full view. After all the theatres in London are not very big. Just like New York. So there you have it folks. Three great shows with great prices to boot. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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