Friday, March 21, 2014

Revival Of Cabaret To Begin Performances Tonight On Broadway

Finally a show that I am looking forward to this season. Actually there are quiet a few shows that I want to see. This one just happens to be at the top of my list. Having worked in the Box Office at Studio 54 I must have seen Cabaret over a half a dozen times. It was probably more than that if I count all the times peeking in on the show on my way to the Company Managers office to drop off that evenings reports. Now the show which won four 1998 Tony Awards including Best Revival of the Year is set to begin previews tonight, at you guessed it, Studio 54. I guess you can go home again. Reprising his Tony winning role as the Emcee is one Mr. Alan Cumming.

Joining him as Sally Bowles is none other than three-time Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams who is making her Broadway debut. I have not doubt that she will be amazing. Now because of it's previous success at the Tony Awards it will be ineligible in several categories. In fact Michael Riedel of the New York Post speculated in his column today that not only does he think it won't be nominated for Best Revival but that Michelle Williams will be snubbed too. Now look I know that there is a lot of competition this year in the Leading Actress category but she is sure to be a contender. We shall see. Tickets for the show are selling like crazy so don't miss your chance to see what I'm sure will be one of the big highlights of this season. Until next time theatre fans.

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