Monday, March 24, 2014

Les Miserables Reviews

Now believe it or not but in all the years that I have lived in New York I have never seen Les Miserables. Wait a minute. I take that back. I did see Act One twice. Does that count? I did see the movie which I enjoyed for the most part. When I saw it the first time it had been playing for over fifteen years by that point so understandably it came off it a little tired and boring, In fact the day after I walked out of it the show announced it's closing. Look I'm not saying I had anything to do with it. The truth is it had a good run and it was just it's time. Cut to almost four years later and I saw it again. The funny thing is I was actually starting to enjoy it but to be honest I was about ninety pounds heavier than I am now and trying to fit in to one of those chairs was not fun. About 30 minutes into the show I decided to stand in the back but I just wasn't digging it. Don't get me wrong. I stood over a half a dozen times to see Rent but that was my favorite show. Now here we are again and Les Miserables has returned to it's former home the Imperial Theatre in a new production. So what did the critic's have to say? Let's find out.

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