Friday, March 28, 2014

If/Then Starring Tony Award Winner Idina Menzel To Open On Broadway This Sunday

Or should I say If/Then starring Adele Dazeem? Sorry. I just couldn't resist. The show which began previews on March 5 will officially open this Sunday at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway. Now to be honest I don't know a lot about the show except it is an original musical which as we all know is pretty rare these days and it stars Idina Menzel and was created by the creators of Next To Normal. I mean isn't that all you really need to know? Well that and if it is any good of course. After all theatre tickets ain't cheap folks. They don't have to be though. Thank goodness for "Insider Prices" right? Unfortunately If/Then is not one of those shows that have a deal like that. Doesn't mean that couldn't change. It really depends on the reviews and of course how well it is selling. As of right now it is selling pretty well so I think we may have to wait awhile until they lower the prices. Keep checking back here in the future for lower rates. Also I will be sure to post the reviews for the show on Monday morning. Let's hope their good. We shall see. Get your tickets to see If/Then at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway. Until next time theatre fans.

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