Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Play The Realistic Joneses A Realistic Look At Life

Now when I first moved to New York twenty-two years ago the only thing I usually went to see were musicals. Now I would rather see a play. Maybe it's because I'm sick of every movie or cartoon being turned into big splashy Broadway musical. Yes I know that they do make original musicals too. It's just that they are few and far between as far as I am concerned. Fortunately I had the chance to see a great new play last night on Broadway. The Realistic Joneses which marks the Broadway debut of Will Enos is one interesting night in the theatre to say the least. Now going into the show I had heard it was a comedy. Well a dark comedy I should say. Plus you know going in the acting was sure to be good considering it's stars.

For those of you that don't know The Realistic Joneses stars Toni Collette Michael C. Hall. Tracy Letts and Marisa Tomei. Now if that is isn't enough to make you want to see the show then I don't know what will. As you can tell I loved the play. Is it for everybody? Probably not I'm afraid. That's the great thing about Broadway. There is something for everyone. By the way for those of you who want to see The Realistic Joneses you have come to the right place. Not only that but we can get you tickets to see it at prices that can't be beat. Be advised that while this "Special Offer" is good thru May 4 is for select seats and as always subject to availability. Get your tickets to see The Realistic Joneses at the Lyceum Theatre on Broadway. Until next time theatre fans.

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