Friday, May 15, 2015

One Of London's Longest Running Shows Is The Woman In Black

The Woman in Black TicketsThat's right theatre fans. For over twenty-five years, The Woman In Black has been thrilling London audiences of all ages. The show, which is based on the Susan Hill novel of the same name, opened at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre in January 1989 to rave reviews from critic's and audiences alike. In August 1989, the show transferred to the Fortune Theatre, where it remains today. It is also the second longest running non-musical in the history of the West End, after The Mousetrap. I guess you could say it's pretty popular huh?

Now while I have never been to London, I have seen the show. How you ask? Well that's because the show played a limited run Off-Broadway in 2001. Unfortunately it wasn't as well received as the London production, and closed after a run of only two months. Oh well. I guess American audiences weren't ready for it. Oh and by the way, I loved the show. Now don't worry. I won't spoil the plot. What I will tell you, is that The Woman In Black is one thrilling night in the theatre.

Now if you've noticed, I have used the word thrilling twice to describe the show. That's because it's a thriller. I guess you learn something new every day. Oh and one other thing I bet you didn't know. Every character in the play is performed by two actor's. Let me guess. You're a little intrigued now aren't you? Intrigued enough to purchase tickets to see it? Well just in case you still aren't sure, here is a little synopsis of the show to help you decide. Enjoy!

Fog and creepily haunted houses, supernatural happenings, sea mists and dark stormy nights, lonely funerals and creaking attic doors, all combine in this gripping adaptation of Susan Hill's tense and thrilling story to create a play that taps our primal fears. A grieving lawyer believes a curse has been cast over him and his family by the Woman In Black. In an attempt to exorcise the spirit, he engages a skeptical young actor to help him tell his story. His plan begins innocently enough, but as the border between reality and fantasy blur, the horror starts and the flesh begins to creep.

Thrilling right? O.K. I promise not to use that word again. But you have to admit I'm right. So now are you ready to purchase tickets? Great. Now the only question is how do you get them? Well now, you would think that a show that has been playing all those years would be pretty easy to get right? Maybe. But why not just save yourself the hassle of waiting in a long line, and get your tickets before you get there? Makes sense to me. Just give us a call and one of our friendly ticket experts will do all the work for you. It's as easy as that. Get your tickets to see The Woman In Black at the Fortune Theatre in London. It is one thrilling night in the theatre. Sorry. I couldn't resist. Until next time theatre fans.

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