Sunday, May 10, 2015

The World's Longest Running Play Is The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap TicketsCan you believe that the London production of The Mousetrap has been playing since November 1952? That's almost sixty-three years for those of you keeping count. During it's historic run the show has only played at two theatres. The Ambassadors Theatre where it ran from November 1952 thru March 1974, and the St. Martin's Theatre where it continues to play. Now it's funny but in all those years the show has never played in New York.

So why is that so funny? Well it's just that most shows that play in London, eventually find their way over here. Especially ones that are as successful as The Mousetrap. Oh well. I guess that means if you want to see it, then you will have to go London to do it. So now that you know where it's playing, I'm guessing you're wondering what the show is about right? Now for the longest time, I thought the show was based on the Agatha Christie novel.

I had no idea that it was actually a play first. Makes sense to me. After all Agatha Christie was more well known as an acclaimed author prior to the play's opening. Thankfully it was a success. In fact she eventually had three shows running simultaneously at the same time. Pretty impressive don't you think? But enough about the author. It's time to find out what this long running play is all about. So let's get to it. Here is a brief synopsis about The Mousetrap for you to peruse. Enjoy!

A group of people gathered together in a remote part of the countryside discover there is a murderer in their midst. The question is which one of them is the guilty party. See? I told you it was brief. Also the show is famous for it's twist ending. In fact they even ask you not to speak about the identity of the killer as you are exiting the theatre. I mean you wouldn't want to spoil it for future audiences now would you? So now are you ready to order tickets? Of course you are. Good thing for you we sell them. In fact we sell tickets to every play and musical in London. Get your tickets to see The Mousetrap in London at the St. Martin's Theatre. Until next time murder mystery fans.

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