Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hamilton Lives Up To The Hype

After all the hype and waiting, Hamilton is now previewing on Broadway; available for all to see. Lin-Manuel Miranda's follow-up musical after In The Heights has stirred up such interest that the Richard Rodgers Theatre has been selling out for the past two weeks. When it comes to mind, there isn't much of a reason why a historical show about Alexander Hamilton should be selling out. However, Hamilton tickets aren't being bought by the history lovers or those who want to immerse themselves in as much "Alexander Hamilton-ness" as possible. No, if you're buying a ticket for Hamilton, you're buying it for Lin-Manuel Miranda himself. The book-writer, composer, lyricist, and star of the show not only recreates the life of Alexander Hamilton but adds a diverse and colorful flare in all aspects of the production.

Hamilton focuses on the life of Alexander Hamilton, the young, ambitious immigrant from the British Virgin Islands, who makes his way to colonial New York and becomes a key factor in the founding of the United States. Along the way, rivals are made as Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton butt heads throughout their political careers and eventually face off in a historic duel by the river. But with Lin-Manuel Miranda's penchant for the original, this is no ordinary biography. The musical utilizes hip hop, rap, reggae, and R&B, includes a cast of diverse heritage, and focuses on the man that is Alexander Hamilton; his ability, his ambition, and his passion.

Like the rebels fighting the British, this show is bursting with energy. Matching Alexander Hamilton's fueled desire to make a change in his abused nation, freestyle rap battles and rhythmic monologues take the place of debates and proposals. When the pace slows down, and the story touches on Alexander Hamilton's personal relationships, ballads with pensive, moody beats emotionalize his journey to prove himself to others for the sake of his young nation. 

Although this show is only in previews, I can say it has been one of my favorite Broadway experiences. It has everything that I look for in a show. It's fresh, it takes risks and liberties that not many musicals take, and above all that, the music is symbolic to the message. Like politics, hip-hop is argumentative and personal. It focuses on expressing yourself and your ideals. Hamilton really stands out when it comes to being its own. 

Hamilton is currently previewing at the Richard Rodgers Theatre and opens August 8th. Here at Applause, we can get you tickets to see Hamilton! Don't waste your shot to see it! Just give us a call. We'd love to talk to you!

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