Monday, July 13, 2015

Musical Based On Bend It Like Beckham Film Now Open In London

Bend It Like Beckham TicketsYou've seen the movie. Now see the musical. Bend It Like Beckham, which is based on the 2002 film, opened at the Phoenix Theatre to rave reviews on June 24. Now I loved the film. Did I ever think they would make a musical about it someday? Not on your life. Of course I also thought the same thing about The Full Monty, and that was one of my favorite shows.

So what exactly is Bend It Like Beckham about anyway? Well if you've seen the movie than you know exactly what it is about. Yes I know not every one has seen it. Therefore I have put together a little synopsis about the show to fill you in. Enjoy!

Jess has a very important decision to make. Does she pursue her dream of becoming a world class soccer player like her idol David Beckham, Or does she follow her families wishes of a life filled with school and marriage? As her team continues to flourish, she is faced with telling her family the truth, while trying to live up to her family's expectations.

Sounds like the making of a great musical to me. Hopefully it will come to Broadway someday. Until then, I guess you will just have to head over to London to see what all the fuss is about. Luckily for you we sell tickets to it. In fact we sell tickets to every show in London. Get your tickets to see Bend It Like Beckham in London at the Phoenix Theatre. Until next time theatre fans.

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