Friday, July 10, 2015

Wicked and the Spell It Casts On All of Us

It's been twelve years since Wicked debuted on Broadway and took the world by storm. For twelve years, the musical about the origins of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch have summoned audiences in massive numbers to the Gershwin Theatre. Even this week, when I was a patron of the sold out venue (on an ordinary Tuesday), I was spellbound. And I started to wonder "Why?" What is it that this play has that other shows don't? Most Broadway musicals have the great singing, spectacular sets, mesmerizing choreography, and overall enjoyability that Wicked does. What is it that has made this show stand the test of time? I think I figured it out.

Standing alone, Wicked is an extremely creative musical with a solid plot. But how it links up with what we already know and like about The Wizard of Oz while remaining original is what I love about it.  While you're experiencing how exactly Elphaba became The Wicked Witch of the West or how Glinda became The Good Witch of the South, you're thinking back to what you know of The Wizard of Oz and realize how dynamic Wicked has made these characters. Yes, you probably hated the emerald-skinned Witch in The Wizard of Oz but Wicked changes that.

A Broadway show is a visual and audio medium for entertainment. However, the story is what penetrates and gets us thinking. The story digs deeper than singing, dancing, and acting can. And a spin-off idea of such a well-known story like The Wizard of Oz  that works as well as Wicked does will draw audiences in droves.

Oh and also there's fabulous singing and dancing, spectacular sets, comic perfection, and a fiery love triangle. If that doesn't attract a crowd, what will? So yes, I think I might've cracked it. But that is just my latest analysis of the success of Wicked. See it for yourself and let us know how you feel! Applause provides tickets for Wicked any day of the week. So come and be spellbound like I and millions of others were! 

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