Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Broadway Thanksgiving Schedule

Image result for animated turkey logoNow I don't know about you, but Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I mean let's face it. There is nothing better than sitting around the table with friends or loved ones, while you devour turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and of course my personal favorite. Pumpkin Pie.

Oh and of course, you can't forget about the greatest parade in the world. That's right. I am talking about the one and only Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Now as much as I love all of those things, I also love going to the theatre. Plus as you know, New York is the theatre capitol of the world. Translation? Why not see a show why you are here?

Better yet, why not see two? Now because of the holiday, the schedule is a little different than usual. In fact, only six shows are actually performing on Thanksgiving. They are Chicago, American Utopia, Jagged Little Pill, The Lighting Thief, The Phantom of the Opera. Waitress, and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Quite the selection right? Posted below is the rest of the schedule beginning on November 25 thru December 1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Show TitleMon. 11- 25Tue.
Ain't Too ProudDARK7pm2pm, 7:30pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Aladdin7pmDARK2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm6:30pm
BeetlejuiceDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
BetrayalDARK7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Book of MormonDARK7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 7pm
Chicago8pm8pm8pm8pm2:30pm, 8pm2:30pm, 8pm2:30pm7pm
A Christmas Carol7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Come From AwayDARK7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
David Byrne's American UtopiaDARK8pm8pm8pm8pm5:30pm, 9pm3pm
Dear Evan HansenDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Derren Brown: SecretDARK7pm2pm8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Freestyle Love Supreme7pm, 10pm7pmDARK7pm8pm7pm, 10pm7pm, 10pm
FrozenDARK7pm1pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm6:30pm
The Great Society7pm7pm1pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pmDARK
Hadestown7pm7pm2pm, 7:30pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
HamiltonDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Harry Potter...DARK2pm7:30pm2pm, 7:30pm7:30pm2pm, 7:30pm2pm, 7:30pm2pm7:30pm
The IllusionistsDARKDARKDARKDARK3pm, 8pm11am, 3pm, 8pm1pm6:30pm
The InheritanceDARK7pm1pm, 7pm7pm7pm1pm, 7pm1pm, 7pm
Jagged Little PillDARK8pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Lightning ThiefDARK7pm2pm2pm7:30pm2pm, 7pm2pm, 8pm1pm, 6:30pm
The Lion KingDARK7pm2pm, 7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm6:30pm
Mean GirlsDARK7pm2pm7:30pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 7:30pm
Moulin Rouge!7pm7pm7pm2pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm, 8pm7pm
Oklahoma!DARK7pm1pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Phantom of the Opera8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pmDARK
The Rose Tattoo7pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Slava's SnowshowDARK7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Slave Play7pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Sound Inside7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Tina8pm7pm2pm, 8pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
To Kill a Mockingbird7pm7pm1pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm2pm
Tootsie7:30pm7:30pm2pm, 7:30pmDARK2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Waitress7pm7pm7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm2pm7pm
WickedDARK7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm7pm

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