Saturday, October 16, 2010

Below Face Value Broadway Tickets – Broadway Shows at Affordable Prices

Get tickets to the hottest Broadway shows at seriously discounted prices. Applause has deals that others can’t beat! Visit to find out more!

Broadway Tickets for Below Face Value Prices
If you have been on the internet anytime in the last five years, you may have noticed just how many ticket sales sites there are out there. People claim to have the lowest prices on tickets or the best selection of seats. This is all misleading advertising. The truth is that it’s just not that hard to find tickets to Broadway shows. They run every day (multiple times per day) and each theater holds hundreds and even thousands of people. What these so-called discount ticket sales websites do is buy tickets directly from the theater, add on a hefty service charge and then scalp them to unsuspecting customers. They make tons of money on inflated service charges for doing absolutely no real work. 
Applause Tickets is different. When we say that we sell below face value Broadway tickets, it’s because the price we charge you for certain tickets is actually lower than the number printed on the ticket by the theater. How do we do it? Applause has been in business in New York City for over 20 years. We have relationships with all of the major theaters in town and they will let us know when they have excess tickets to sell. We then negotiate a discounted rate for those tickets, add on a nominal service charge, and sell those tickets to you at a price that is lower than face value. 
Applause Tickets also believes in customer service, a term that those internet scalpers have never heard of. We have live operators standing by 7 days a week to personally help you find the tickets you want to the show you want to see. We will exhaust every resource we know of to help you pay a price that makes you happy. Though there is no guarantee on discounts for shows that are sold out, Applause can usually find below face value Broadway tickets to many of the most popular shows in town. 
Call us today at 1-800-451-9930 to find out more. 

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