Monday, October 25, 2010

Broadway Ticket Experts New York – We Know Broadway Inside and Out –

Don’t just use a ticket seller for your Broadway tickets, use a Broadway EXPERT! Read more about our team at!

Broadway Ticket Experts
There are hundreds of ticket brokers throughout the country who claim to be experts on all things Broadway. They are lying. Most of those companies are nothing more than scalpers who use an automated system to buy a ticket from the theater, add on a service fee, and then sell it to the customer for a premium dollar amount. There is no customer service, consideration of the customer’s preferences, or attempt to find a better deal. 
At Applause Tickets, we pride ourselves on being the opposite of those scalping ticket companies. We are Broadway ticket experts locally based in New York City. Our company values are based on providing the best possible personalized service to each and every customer, no matter what. Our staff isn’t just made up of 9 to 5 ticket sellers, they are Broadway fanatics themselves. Over the years, we’ve had actors, playwrights, and plain old theater lovers on our staff. Each and every one of them is passionate about all things Broadway and eager to help customers find the seats and prices that are right for them.  
If you are having a hard time deciding which show to see, call one of our experts to help! We are standing by 7 days a week to help customers make decisions on everything from which show would be best for someone’s 10 year old daughter to which hotel to stay in. Being local means that we are always aware of the latest deals and trends in the industry – expert knowledge that we pass on to you! We go to every show, read every review, and maintain relationships with every major theater in the city. Why spend all the extra time doing research on your own when Applause is ready to make it easy for you?
Call Applause Tickets today at 1-800-451-9930 to get the Broadway ticket expertise you’ve been searching for. 

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