Sunday, October 17, 2010

Premium Broadway Tickets – Get the Best Seats to the Hottest Shows

Get seats front and center to the most incredible shows on Broadway. Visit today to see your favorite Broadway stars up close and personal!

Premium Broadway Tickets
At Applause Tickets, we specialize in all kinds of Broadway ticket types. If you are looking for 10 affordably priced seats to Mary Poppins for your daughter’s 11th birthday party, we can help you with that. If you really need is two seats to the brand new Off Broadway show that no one has really heard of yet, we can get those for you. And for those really special occasions; when what you really want to do is sit front row and center, we can get you the premium Broadway tickets you’re looking for. 
Whether it’s an anniversary surprise or a regular Tuesday night, spending an evening sitting in the middle of a crowded theater watching your favorite stars sing and perform 10 rows from your chair is an absolutely magical experience. There is nothing like the luxurious feeling of walking into a theater on the first floor to take your seats in the orchestra. You can literally see the detailing on the costumes and the painting of the set. 
Applause Tickets will always help you find the best possible prices for tickets – no matter where in the theater you’re sitting. Just because you’re paying more for premium seats doesn’t mean that you should ever over pay for a ticket. We believe that it’s our personal responsibility to help make your entire Broadway experience as memorable and special as possible. Call one of our live operators to get your premium tickets to the hottest shows on Broadway today. Our staff is standing by 7 days a week at 1-800-451-9930. 

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