Friday, October 29, 2010

Nine Years And Counting And Mamma Mia Is Still Going Strong

Nine years? Impossible you say. It seems like just yesterday that Mamma Mia first opened on Broadway. Time sure does fly doesn't it? Now for those of you who read my blogs know that I have never seen the show. In fact I have never been inside the Wintergarden Theatre. You see even though I have lived here for almost 19 years there have only been two shows at that theatre. Mamma Mia and Cats which I managed to avoid during my first eight years in the city. So until another show moves in there I guess I will never see the inside of that theatre. Why do I have a feeling I will be waiting a long time? Anyway it doesn't matter what I think. The show is here to stay my friends. Not even I can prevent that from happening. Now while I myself have no desire to the show there are plenty of people who do. In fact according to the show's website Mamma Mia has been seen by over 42 million people since it first premiered in the West End in 1999. I guess you could say the show has a few fans huh? I'm just not one of them. Until next time theatre fans.

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