Friday, June 19, 2015

Applause Theatre Service And The Concierge Community

KEYFor over twenty-seven years Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service has been providing tickets to shows and events around the world. From the hottest Broadway shows, to some of the world's most popular sporting events, we do it all. Also being based in New York we have not only seen all of the shows, but we have been in each and every theatre. That means we know where the best seats are located. Now you might be wondering what this has to do with the title of today's blog. Well I'll tell you. It's because we want you to see why concierges around the city have been using us for years and years.

Now we know that we are not the only game in town. But what I can tell you is that when it comes to overall customer service and prices we are a cut above the rest. Need tickets for your guests at an "Insider Rate?" No problem. How about tickets in the first ten rows? We can offer those as well. Not only do we have access to seats in every section but at the best prices. Plus we offer a commission for every ticket you purchase. Also we are pleased to announce that we have been accepted as a corporate member in the NYCAHC (New York City Association of Hotel Concierges). One more thing. We are open seven days a week,365 days a year. Basically what I'm saying is our hours are your hours. So why not give us a try? You'll be glad you did.

Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service, Inc.
723 7th Avenue 
Suite 902
New York, NY 10019
or 1-800-451-9930
Facebook:Applause Theater and Entertainment Service

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