Sunday, March 29, 2020

Broadway's Majestic Theatre Celebrate's A Birthday

March 28, 1927. Know what happened on that date theatre fans? Well, if you paid attention to the title of today's blog, you can probably guess that was the day that the Majestic Theatre opened on Broadway. That's ninety-three years for you mathematician's out there. Well, ninety-three years and one day. The show that opened on that date, was a musical called Rufus LeMaire's Affairs. Now I tried to do a little research on the show, and all I could find is that it was a musical revue that played for a total of fifty-six performances.

By the way, that was considered a hit back then, as the average run for most shows was usually two to three months. I also found out, that the theatre was constructed as part of a huge entertainment complex that included the Theatre Masque, which would become the John Golden Theatre, the Royal Theatre, now known as the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, and the Lincoln Hotel, which is now the Row Hotel. Who knew? Eventually, the theatre was sold to the Shubert brothers, who went on to own eighteen Broadway theatres, all of which are still owned and operated about the Shubert Organization.

Now as you all know for the last thirty-two years, the theatre as been home to Broadway's longest running show, The Phantom of the Opera. Speaking of the number thirty-two, that is also the number of the days that Broadway is scheduled to be closed due to the coranavirus. Sadly, I have a feeling that number will continue to increase even longer. The truth is, we don't have any idea when Broadway will be back. It could be weeks, even months. However when it does, and it will, the bright lights of Broadway will shine even brighter than before. Now that is something I know we can all look forward too. Until next time theatre fans.

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