Monday, February 04, 2008

Applause's Broadway Ticket Business is Amazing for the usual Off Peak Winter Season in New York City

I don't know if it was the Broadway Stagehands strike this past November of 2007 or that the economy is not really in the "bad way" we all hear the newscasters say all the time. But we are busier than ever this winter season for Broadway Show ticket sales.

My first thought was maybe the Broadway strike a few months ago led to a "pent up demand" from the tens of thousands of people that were not able to see a show, but have decided to see one this winter. Some people I guess living near New York City have done this but we are seeing lots of "out-of-towner" ticket buying for Broadway Shows this past January of 2008 so maybe it has something having to do with the Applause Insider Broadway Show ticket deals that Applause has been marketing. You can easily have a look for yourselves at . We usually find over 20 top Broadway Shows where we can save you so much money, it'll pay for dinner at a fairly nice restaurant before the show you choose.

We know the public is bombarded by dozens of different marketing messages everyday, especially for something like Broadway. But, and here's the main difference between all those Broadway marketing messages and how Applause does business.

The friendly staff at Applause prides itself on knowing all the great deals every Broadway Show offers each and every day of the year. With very few exceptions, they can tell you exactly which shows have the best seats for the best prices and the best day or night you may want to attend your favorite theatre production.

Broadway, like most businesses wants to sell full price tickets at the highest possible price. But there is a reality to being able to really be able to sell all the seats at the highest price. It really doesn't happen all the time. Theatres sell High, Medium and Low prices just like most other businesses right?

When you are in the market to see a Broadway Show, there are hundreds of ticket sources you can use. Just go to Google and you'll see what I mean. Here's the problem with that. You go to Google, do a search then you get hundreds of different options of who to ask for help in buying tickets. Now you get more confused than ever right?

I have a great solution for you. Simply trust the good people at Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service in New York . The people in the picture have been running this company for years now. There is no one better at giving the most "truthful answers to any question the theatre-going public can come up with". The Applause staff of Broadway ticket experts will let you know what are the best seats, best prices and especially what are the current "insider Broadway Show deals", which might be available for the time frame you wish to see a show. If you are in town for a day, two or maybe more, simply give Applause the time period and they will seek out the best seats at the best prices for the shows you want to see.

When you need tickets for Broadway, give the Applause Broadway Experts a call at 212-307-7050 or 1-800-451-9930, they are open 7 days a week and will take excellent care of your ticket needs.

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