Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Buying Broadway Tickets Is a Matter of Trust

Interested in buying Broadway Tickets? When you go to Google and simply type in Broadway Tickets when you are interested in buying "Broadway Tickets", you will get pages and pages of answers to where to shop for tickets. In fact there are 5,410,000 possibilities. Kind of crazy right? You can simply go to http://www.applause-tickets.com/ and contact Applause in New York City.

So how will the average person shopping for Broadway Tickets know which web site to stop at? Or how will the average person know which company to consider contacting by phone when considering talking with someone about various shows playing on Broadway?

Like most things people shop for in life, it often takes several converations or interactions with a company to get an idea of possibly wanting to do business with that company. At Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service Inc., a licensed ticket broker doing business at 311 west 43rd street, suite 601 in New York City, the company makes a big deal out of asking the public to "call us so we can talk and get to know you". Many companies in most industries rarely promote the public to "call", instead relying on "web bookings" or email type sales.

The Applause staff of friendly Broadway and London ticket experts http://www.applause-tickets.com/ have an uncanny ability to handle the most difficult ticket requests put in front of them, not to mention the thousands of questions they receive about which restaurants their customers might want to dine at or inquiries about hotel bedding, sightseeing, shopping and just about anything you can think of. The company doesn't look at its shoppers and customers like "its all about making a quick sale" so they can move onto the next person on their phone lines.

They take their time with all callers. The goal is to hopefully make the caller feel as comfortable as possible. Sure they love to sell Broadway tickets, and they sell tons of them. They have been in business for over 21 years now and know how to treat their customers as well as anyone calling the company.

Their Broadway ticket inventory is extensive as is their access to inventory for shows, events, concerts and sporting events all over the country The Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service staff "aims to please" on each and every call.

So when you are interested in getting tickets for a Broadway show in New York or events throughout the country and in London too, you may want to consider calling Applause in New York at 800-451-9930 or 212-307-7050. After all, as I said at the beginning of this post, isn't it really just a matter of trust"? Remember Applause Theatre Service in New York City when you, your friends, relatives or co-workers need a friendly, relaible and trustworthy ticket service.

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