Monday, February 25, 2008

Do you need to purchase Broadway Theatre Tickets? Would you like to speak to a Live sales agent without any wait? Call Applause Theatre Service Now!

One of the greatest reasons to call Applause Theatre Service, is that there is Never a wait to speak to a sales expert! You will always get a live person when you ring through and will never hear a recorded message. How nice is that? I ask you? One of the most annoying things in life are those voice response systems or push button recordings. With Applause we take your call right away and answer all your questions without putting you on hold for any extensive period of time. Fast and easy! We are also very friendly to our customers, another rarity in this business!

If you can't call over the phone, whether you're at work or whatever it may be, you can go online and chat with a live operator, again without any wait! We are at your service and will answer all of your questions. Restaurant recommendations, parking or directions, we have all the answers. Oh and we also have the best Broadway tickets at the best prices! When you call and are looking for the best price on tickets, ask your expert for a Broadway Insider Deal.

We are also located in Times Square, so if you ever needed to pick up last minute tickets or just stop by and have us answer some questions, rest your feet, have a cup of coffee or cold glass of water, we'll take care of you! We want you to be a life long Applause customer. What are you waiting for? Give us a call!

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