Friday, April 11, 2008

Applause Theatre Service "Knows" How To Serve Theater-Goers to Broadway

I can't help myself. After 31 years of providing the most personal level of service in an industry that used to "be all about service", I look around and I see hundreds and hundreds of companies all selling Broadway Show tickets also. I'm not privy to how many tickets they sell nor do I know which shows sell the most but I keep asking myself are they really in the personal ticket service business or simply trying to make "Internet transactions" without providing the service that the public needs and wants.

We are a service economy and I really can't believe that most consumers want to simply click on a seat location on one of a thousand web sites, give their credit card information to a company they never heard of before on some long drawn out "order form", or to any entity where they haven't at least "spoken to a live person", prior to making a purchase. But what do I know, they're are probably tons of people that just don't need that high level of personalized "customer service" that I am speaking of.

My company, Applause has been in business for 21 years now and I am proud to say I have handled the theatre going needs of tens of thousands of people that have seen superb Broadway Shows. We have loads of testimonials on our web site but all I can say is if you are in the need of tickets or simply have a question about "Broadway Theatre", don't think twice friends. Pick up the phone and call us at 212-307-7050 or toll free at 1-800-451-9930 7 days a week, at any time at all between 9am and 8pm.

Sure we sell tickets but more importantly, we provide "service". Service is something I feel is sorely missing, not only in the ticketing industry but in many industries like airlines and car dealerships.

My company, Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service Inc. has been providing a great service for a long time. If you happen to be in the market to be needing a ticket or just wanting to know what our Broadway Experts think of a particular show, give us a call. No pressure to buy a ticket at Applause, we're just a very cool bunch of service providers doing "our own thing" 7 days a week, offering visitors to New York that don't know where to go to buy good tickets at fair prices.

Applause Theatre Service, "real people you can trust". You have my personal guarantee of experiencing a great service. I really doubt anyone else can do what we do in New York City regarding providing a "great and highly personalized" level of service for Broadway Shows.

If you need anything or want to talk, please give me a call at the office at 212-307-7050 or toll free at 1-800-451-9930 or on my cell at 848-565-1855. My email is .

I hope to hear from you and hope you love Broadway Theatre as much as I do, really I do.

Take care,
Rich Gladstone
Vice President and Co-Owner
Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service Inc.
311 west 43rd street, suite 601
New York, NY, NY 10036

Local phone 212-307-7050
Toll Free 1-800-451-9930
web site:

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