Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Are you getting the type of service you need when shopping for tickets? Applause Theatre Service can help

Dear Theatre Lover,
This is a simple open letter to anyone that has ever used a ticket service, or for that matter, any service at all and that they may have received less than "great service": from the company they were contacting?

Did you ever get the feeling the company you were calling and especially the person you were speaking with, were simply trying to "rush you" into making a decision to purchase. You know, the "used car salesperson" routine. My co-worker Claudia got a call today from someone who was so happy that Claudia took her time and gave out lots of information, unlike the pushy and forgettable like service the caller had received from numerous other companies prior to speaking with Claudia.

We get lots of callers that often talk about getting "bad service" and simply being offered mediocre seating in theatres on Broadway as well as prices "in the outer stratosphere". Claudia spent a good amount of time with this shopper, made her feel at ease with the information than proceeded to make a purchase.

It is important to note that we often give out information and spend a good amount of time talking with callers about Broadway from "all over the world". Many times people keep shopping as they want to be sure they are getting the best seats for the best shows for the best prices.

At Applause, we pride ourselves on developing deep relationships with our customers. I can pretty much assure you that people interested in buying tickets to live entertainment events on Broadway need more time when making these decisions. Tickets are expensive and making the wrong decision can ruin your night for sure.

This is no sales pitch. If you would like information on any event playing on Broadway in New York or want to consider buying seats, I will give you my personal guarantee that when you contact Applause Theatre Service seeking information, prices or to purchase a Broadway show or two, all your questions will be answered to the best of our ability. And if you decide you'd like to make a purchase, we will secure the best seat locations for the very best price you can get.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, if you would like to speak with one of the finest and most knowledgeable theatre ticket experts on Broadway, simply go to , look at our staff picture on the right side (Claudia's the young blond women in the front and center) then pickup the phone and call Claudia at 212-307-7050 or 1-800-451-9930.

Claudia's been selling lots of tickets lately for Wicked, Jersey Boys, South Pacific and Disney's newest Broadway hit Little Mermaid . South Pacific is one of her favorite shows for sure.

We hope you enjoy the theatre, wherever you shop for tickets. We hope to have the pleasure and privilege of being of service to you, your friends and family somewhere down the road.

Rich Gladstone
Vice President
Applause Theatre Service
311 west 43 rd street, suite 601
New York, New York 10036
web site:

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